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Is golf (Tiger Woods) back?

Sports writers across the country have been asking—is Tiger back?

But the bigger question is this—is golf back? Because I can’t stand golf without a competitive Tiger.

Don’t get me wrong. I watched the PGA tournament in Humble, Texas today. What’s it called? The Big Oil Open?

My bad. Guess it’s called the Shell Houston Open.  I was close.

I watched it because Tiger re-ignited my interest by winning the Arnold Palmer Invitational a week ago and coming in tied for third in Abu Dhabi a few weeks back.

Will Ernie Els make it into the Master’s Tournament by winning the Shell? I don’t know, but a broadcaster brought up the scenario during the Arnold Palmer Invitational, so now I’m interested. In fact, I’m hooked.

Tiger has a cascade effect that way. Because in this day and age, Tiger Woods is golf.

And when he’s not around, it’s like tennis with John McEnroe retired. Just another boring game with a ball.

You know. Like baseball without Bonds and steroids.

• • •

Back to the Final Four…

I’m watching it as I write. It’s Kentucky 20, Louisville 10. But I pick Louisville and Ohio State in the championship.

This insight based on a PTI marathon last night, five Wilbons and Kornheisers in a row.

Still time to fly to Vegas.

• • •

Okay. So it’s Kentucky in the finals. Let’s see about The Ohio State and Kansas game now.

• • •

Okay. So it’s Kentucky and Kansas in the finals. Might as well go for the trifecta. Let me pick the winner.


You are so doomed, Kansas.


Peyton and other places

Peyton Manning will now play quarterback for the Denver Broncos. They might as well start building the new sign at the border of Denver’s city limit.

“Welcome to Denver, the city where Peyton Manning was paralyzed for life.”

I was hoping Manning would take a long hard look at the big picture and simply retire, the way Steve Young did when he got one too many concussions as a 49ers quarterback.

Manning has a neck injury, nothing to be trifled with. I could be all wrong, but I’ve got a bad feeling about this.

At least the Broncos had the good sense to trade Tim Tebow. Whatever Manning faces in Denver, it won’t be the evangelical, revival-tent, circus-like atmosphere Tebow creates.

Besides, Tebow’s a perfect fit for New York. And yes, I’m being sarcastic.

• • •

I was pretty sure—and really hoped—that Jim Harbaugh wasn’t serious about getting Manning. I think Harbaugh took a long look at Manning just to build up Alex Smith’s confidence.

“Yeah, the GM wanted me to interview Manning, but my heart wasn’t into it,” I imagine Harbaugh saying. “You’re my guy at QB, Alex. You’re my guy.”

I could be wrong about that scenario, but I’m really glad about Smith’s three-year deal with the 49ers.The playoff game against the Saints convinced me he’s finally got the QB position down.

• • •

I didn’t fill in a bracket and I don’t have a final four, but I do pick Michigan State to win the NCAA Basketball National Championship.

My only reason is the faith and passion of MSUCrazyLady. She makes me wanna believe. So I will.

• • •

Frankly, I don’t give a damn about women’s basketball. It’s like watching the Special Olympics, except I actually do care about the Special Olympics.

The female sports I like are soccer (a little) and softball (a lot). Softball is the ultimate women’s sport, but I’ll expand on that topic in another column.

Still, it doesn’t take a lot of paid attention to pick the NCAA Women’s Basketball champion.

Baylor. It’ll be Baylor. And everybody knows that.

• • •

I started this column with Peyton, so I’ll end it with Payton.

NFL commissioner Roger Goodell suspended Saints’ head coach Sean Payton a full year for allowing a bounty system—payment for injuries inflicted by the defensive players on key offensive players. You know. Key ones, like Peyton Manning.

The former defensive coach of the Saints, Gregg Williams, is on indefinite suspension and New Orleans general manager Mickey Loomis was suspended eight games.

The Saints as a team was also fined $500,000 and lost two second round draft picks, one this year and another in 2013.

One radio commenter said he wished baseball had a commissioner as strong as Goodell.

Me, too. I want a baseball commissioner strong enough to bring back steroids.

March madness aka SXSW

Haven’t been able to write as much lately because I’ve been distracted by the South By Southwest (SXSW) Festival here in Austin, Texas.

It officially started last Wednesday with SXSW Interactive (i.e., techno geeks), while SXSW Film started this weekend and SXSW Music starts this coming Tuesday.

Every year during spring break Austin’s downtown area turns into a madhouse, and somehow I get caught in the middle of it all.

But at least it’s a paying gig.

Nothing much to be excited about right now anyway, except for Peyton Manning’s health and Tim Tebow’s sex life. Both are questionable.

That said, I am well aware of the mediocrity called Texas basketball. Looks like the University of Texas Longhorns managed to sneak into the big dance, despite a lackluster record of 20-13 overall and 8-7 in the Big 12 conference.

Friday, March 16, the Longhorns meet Cincinnati (24-10) in Nashville, Tennessee. I’m thinking the Longhorns are one and done. The ‘horns have no star to rally around and lack cohesiveness as a team. I just don’t see how they can gel at the NCAA tournament level.

But odds are writing what I just wrote increases their chances of winning.

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