The return of the Killer P’s

Wait, what?

I guess I meant it’s the return of the killer bees. I mean Killer B’s, as in Jeff Bagwell and Craig Biggio and some other guys whose first or last name started with B back in the ’90s. Back in the day.

Look. I live in Texas. I may not be an Astros fan, but I get who the Killer Bees were.

But tonight, after the Giants defeated the D.C. Nats to gain a berth against the St. Louis Cardinals in the NLCS, a fan held up a sign that read, simply, “The Killer P’s.”

Wait, what?

Are the San Francisco Giants the Killer P’s? Let’s think this through. Buster Posey. That’s one. Hunter Pence. That’s two. The Panda, that’s three. And even though the Panda’s last name is Sandoval, his first name is Pablo, so there’s another P. And didn’t they also trade for Jake Peavy?

Holy hell. I don’t think I’m finished yet. They’ve got a reliever by the name of Petit. And the second baseman’s name is Joe Panik.

And what about Perry Ponds? See? I always go too far.

But they are definitely the Killer P’s, aren’t thay?

Besides. Did I not mention Juan Peres? And PacBell Park? What? It’s now called AT&T Park?

Wait, what?



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