Russell Wilson is the new Joe Montana

Yes. Luck was involved. Not the one from Indianapolis, the amorphous one we all entertain from time to time. Seattle needed the right bounce on the onsides kick to win it, but bounce it did.

Russell Wilson. Like Joe Montana, he’s got ice water in his veins. He sucked for 7/8ths of the game, pretty much. But that last 1/8th was utterly amazing.

And let’s not forget Beast Mode. Marshawn Lynch is the new Roger Craig.

On to the Super Bowl.



3 thoughts on “Russell Wilson is the new Joe Montana

  1. John Cesano says:

    I like your frequent fun sized posts.

    What a completely improbable game!

    Brandon Bostick is the Bill Buckner of football.

    The AFC Championship game was as boring as the NFC game ended ip being entertainong.

    I hope Wilson and the Seahawks beat the Hell out of Brady and the Patriots. I’ll be honest, I hate the Patriots and always will – tuck rule my ass – and would be fine watching replays of Brady choking on his own blood. The only good thing about the AFC yawn fest is that Adam Vinatieri’s team lost today. God, I hate Brady and Vinatieri. Oh, and referee Walt Coleman too. Everyone involved in screwing the Raiders out of their 2001 playoff win can die.

    Off topic? Okay, reigning it back in:

  2. John Cesano says:

    Go ‘Hawks!

  3. “Brandon Bostick is the Bill Buckner of football.”
    — John Cesano

    Best sports line of early 2015.

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