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My take on Super Bowl 49

Worst play call ever.


My pick for the Super Bowl

I’m going with the Seattle Seahawks in the Super Bowl. Not just because I’m a newly-minted Seahawks fan (and that’s the last time I ever refer to myself as a new fan), but because I’ve seen this scenario before. Recently, in fact.

Yes, Richard Sherman is injured and distracted. But I’m still betting on the greatest cornerback in the game today coming through in the clutch. Besides, he won’t be covering Rob Gronkowski, who remains the biggest receiving threat on New England’s side of the ball, especially given the weakness the Seahawks have had all year at covering tight ends.

And sure, Tom Brady is a great quarterback with three Super Bowl wins already, but I love the resourcefulness of Russell Wilson, who can run, pass and think on his feet with the best of them.

But the main reason I’m going with the Seahawks is because the NFC Championship game reminded me of the SF Giants win in the final game of the NL Championship series — both ended with dramatic home run balls.

And when you take that kind of momentum into the big show, you’re likely to win.


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