Super Bowl LI, end of the third

Ugly. Grisly even.

Sure, New England scored a touchdown. Finally. But at one point Atlanta held a 25-point lead.

No team comes back from a 25-point deficit. Not in a Super Bowl.


3 thoughts on “Super Bowl LI, end of the third

  1. Serema says:


  2. Rick Greif says:

    Hay the heck I think it’s great to make that bold prediction. Many of your fair readers believe it was an all out jinx. I myself see it as one who knows you , knows you would and can if you decide.. To lay the foundation of doubt, the seeds of of overconfidence, subtly changing shift modality among viewers about refs and game fixes. Do they still do that fixeses, ‘ call it what you want son, game fixings been and always will be in the shadows. I could go in about my admiration for manipulating minds or what you call that whichcraftish plan you pulled off With only you, and now me aware. Ps I would have bet all my money and my two dogs that there was to be no comeback like that. 101% that means I would go all in. And Ida lost. Fuck Good show smart guy! Rick Greif

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