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Some last minute Super Bowl thoughts

My 49ers are in the Super Bowl? Hell, I don’t think I ever got around to writing about the Giants World Series win last year, and it’s been less than four months since the boys from the bay swept the Detroit Tigers on Oct. 29, 2012.

To a San Francisco fan like me, the past 120 days has been sports Nirvana. But it could turn into purgatory if the ‘9ers lose. They are 5-0 after all, so a perfect record is going to be put to the test.

I plan to watch the first quarter stone sober with a pen in hand, just as I have the last five Super Bowls the 49ers played. Yes, I realize they no longer script the first 20 plays like Bill Walsh used to do, but I’m a creature of habit and don’t want to give way to the jinx. I’m pretty sure I can wait until the second quarter to crack my first beer. (Editor’s note: Turns out I was wrong about that.)

Here’s to 6-0.

• • •

The Super Bowl is where it should always be in my opinion—New Orleans. It’s the perfect way to revive the city that won’t wash away. And there’s only a conflict of interest once every thirty years or so when the Saints are actually in the Super Bowl.

Next year in New York will be a disaster. Or maybe not, since global warming happens.

If we can’t have the Super Bowl in The Big Easy every year, then I say we should restrict the big game to these four cities—New Orleans, San Diego, Miami and Dallas.

Frankly, it’s not likely any of these teams will be in the Super Bowl much either.

• • •

Got my sushi, got my Lone Star beer, got my deer antler spray. Let the game begin. I’ll be keeping a blog and will post after each quarter. My prediction? 44-21, 49ers.

Hey, if you want objective, go read last year’s blog.



While I was sleeping…

Where have I been?

My Giants won the World Series and I didn’t say a word. Why? The whole point of this column is to write what other sports writers don’t, and I certainly have had that opportunity.

For instance. Bruce Bochy and Brian Sabean both swayed like willow trees during the post-game interview. What’s up with that? Is this some knee-jerk reaction from living in earthquake country? Or did they both drink from the greenie coffee pot.

(If you don’t know what I’m talking about, please read Ball Four by Jim Bouton. If you do know what I’m talking about, read that book anyway. It’s great.)

But I digress. The reason I feel so vacuous after the Giants second World Series win in three years is because I did not get the revenge I have sought since 1962.

I want the Giants to win the World Series. Again. Against the the big dog.

Yeah, the Giants beat the Texas Rangers in 2010. And in 2012 they beat the Detroit Tigers, sweeped them for crissakes. But I love those teams—the Rangers are my favorite AL team and the Tigers were my dad’s favorite AL team.

I want the Giants to beat the Yankees in the World Series. The NY Yankees. The damn Yankees. That would be true revenge.

Can I get an amen?

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