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Manny loses, Mayweather’s in prison, boxing wins

Manny Pacquiao lost Saturday night to upstart Tim Bradley, and I couldn’t be happier.

It’s not that I’ve got anything against Manny. He’s a great boxer and an over-achiever who sings at concerts and sits on the Philippine Congress.

But he never fought Floyd Mayweather when both were in their prime. And that hurt boxing, a sport which is slowly turning into the red-haired stepchild when compared to the UFC’s mixed martial arts—or as I like to call it—cage fighting.

Now what? Will Mayweather fight Bradley? I doubt it. Once a coward, always a coward. Will Mayweather fight Pacquiao? I doubt it. For the same reason.

Maybe now Floyd Mayweather will finally be recognized for what he is—a great fighter when facing bums, and nothing more.

Joe Louis fought a lot of bums, the bum-of-the-month club I do believe. But he also fought Max Schmeling. Louis lost the first one, but won the second in a first-round knockout so decisively there wasn’t a third fight. There wasn’t even a need for a third fight.

Do you know what happened when Pacquiao met Mayweather? No, you don’t and neither do I. And we’ve all been deprived of that.

Let’s see if Bradley has the courage to capture our imaginations.

• • •

It’s on, OKC vs. The Heat. Yes, I really thought the Spurs would muster one more championship, but my eyes might have been clouded by nostalgia.

I’m 100 percent behind OKC though, and do believe they will win. Kevin Durant is on fire and Russell Westbrook isn’t a slouch himself. Throw in the best Sixth Man in the NBA, James Harden, and you’ve got a winning combination.

They’ve also got one more secret weapon—Derek Fisher. He’s just a journeyman player who knows how to win, reminiscent of Robert Horry, another journeyman winner, who holds seven championship rings.

If OKC wins it all, Fisher will have six rings, one more than Kobe. That’s impressive. That’s more than impressive, that’s hilarious.


Kurt Busch is a cowardly bully

So Kurt Busch threatened physical violence on a sports writer Saturday. What a big man.

Of course, the sports writer had no recourse but to take it. What’s he going to do, take a swing and lose his job? Not likely.

Me? I don’t get paid for writing on Word Press, so I’ll take you on Kurt. I’m an ex-collegiate wrestler, and I’m pretty sure I could dispatch you in two minutes.

See Kurt? Threats suck.

• • •

Both the East and West NBA series are tied 2-2, but I still stand by my two picks, Spurs vs. Heat in the big show with the Spurs winning it all.

If I’m wrong, it’ll be the Thunder. They’re playing amazingly well and Durant has a hot hand.

• • •

Tiger Woods won The Memorial. Good to see him back, and yes, I do believe he’s back for good.

Besides, I like him. Still. The world is a better place when Tiger is playing great golf, and that flop shot that went into the hole was as great as great gets.

Besides, Tiger is a great interview, a sports writer’s dream.

Sunday, an ESPN reporter asked him, “Are you the Tiger of old?” He responded, “Well, I’m definitely an older Tiger.”

With his 73rd PGA Tour win, he tied Jack Nicklaus for second all time behind Sam Snead. How fitting he did it at Jack’s tournament, on Jack’s course.

Now. On to the U.S. Open.

• • •

Will I’ll Have Another win the Belmont and the Triple Crown? No. But two out of three—especially when they’re upsets—aren’t bad.

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