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2013 Super Bowl blog

First Quarter: Don’t worry, I only drank two 12 oz beers, so I’m sober as a judge. A night court judge.

Which is why I’m so pissed off. What is up with the 49ers secondary? And specifically, Chris Culliver #29. Get it together man.

The Flacco to Boldin connection is Baltimore’s strongest weapon. To win, the 49ers need to stop that. Offensively, just keep doing what you’re doing ‘9ers. Hit Vernon Davis, feed Gore, run when you have to Colin and get Randy Moss into the mix.

See you in the second quarter.

Second Quarter: Pitta-ful.

The secondary sucks. Yeah, I said it. Especially Culliver, who is young and will get better with experience. Maybe.

Yeah, I’m depressed. The game is basically over, nobody comes back from a 21-6 deficit in the Super Bowl.

The 49ers came out too tentative, too conservative. Big brother Harbaugh wins again. The fake field goal run by Justin Tucker was an amazing call by Johnny Harbaugh. It worked for eight of the nine yards needed and didn’t hurt them at all.

The 49ers need a half-time adjustment, which one coach has called the hardest thing to do in sports, even harder than hitting a baseball.

Trust me, this game is over. Still, there is one bright spot. David Akers is nailing his kicks.

True and sarcastic all at once.

Third Quarter: And then the lights went out.

Holy hell. The Blackout Bowl. If the 49ers come back to win and people ask, “Do you think the power outtage had anything to do with it, my answer will be, ‘Yes.'”

If they win, that is. There’s a five-point deficit and the Ravens are knock, knock, knocking on the door.


Game Over: It went the way it should have. John out-coached Jim, no doubt about it. John showed more courage, more creativity.

Sure glad my dad didn’t live to see this game. But now we really know how great Joe Montana, Jerry Rice, Bill Walsh and Roger Craig et al were.

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